Google Street View catches a burning house in Arizona

Just found a house on fire via the Google Street View option in Google Maps. There have been many funny things caught by the Street View team, including drunk guys passed out, car accidents, and now house fires.
I recognize that someones house on fire is not something to laugh at, however I also recognize that the odds of a street view camera car passing a burning house in an Arizona suburb are also ridiculously small. Here's the link to the map so you can see it yourself

Some critics of the service have cited privacy concerns over the random images and reasonable expectation of privacy, but I think I agree with Google: If you are walking down the street I can see you... If you're driving in your car I can see you. If you're in your house, in the basement, with the lights off and the door closed, I can see you-- oh wait-- Google can't see me when I'm in the basement right? Or can they?