Burger King copies "Lost Wallet" campaign

Recently in Chicago and Orlando, wallets started appearing. They had instructions for the finder to "Keep the wallet", and contained cash ranging from $1 to $100 (Timely considering the financial situation in the US), a burger king gift card, and a fake 'king' drivers license.

This is similar to a McDonalds promotion from a while back, and this is extremely similar to a GE Financial campaign from 2000 There are also a few other examples of this idea (the lost wallet with a message) being used in history. It clearly works, and generates buzz, whether it's original or not.

Right now this guerrilla campaign is only on the radar of bloggers, and tweeters, and one Chicago media outlet. I heard about it from Twitter. I'm now finding myself using the Twitter search page to tell me what's happening in the world, BEFORE the news knows. That's how I heard about the MotrinMoms, and about GMail's new themes! What a weird side-effect of twitter search-- news that's SO current people don't even know it's news yet...