New Facebook Pages are more like Profiles now

Facebook has begun the conversion of Facebook pages to be more like the new profiles. Up until recently, Facebook Pages, the main way for brands and stores and products to market themselves properly on Facebook, have looked like the old profiles. Narrow, left aligned, and very limited.

It appears now, with this newest upgrade, that pages will interact more with news feeds, just like a person, and can access more of the sites features, also like a person. I plan on investigating further and reading all the materials they've provided, but it's always interesting when Facebook makes a change, because it puts all the so-called 'experts' back to square one to learn, absorb, and internalize before everyone else. My most popular page so far is Slurm. Be a fan!

In addition to the new Page changes, they are also updating the Home page, or news feed as we've come to know it. There's a greater ability to filter what you see in the feed (either by the people you care about, or the content type) as well as some new features like 'Publisher' that lets you post directly into the stream. You effectively get to create two different streams if you want. Here is the official description of the new Facebook Homepage changes.