Marketing needs to talk to the label

Recently while browsing some Facebook Fan pages I stumbled across the Official page for Kings of Leon. I saw them play the MTV Movie Awards last weekend and they did a great job and even played a song I had heard before. Good for them.

The reason that I think this band, and I'm sure many others like it, have an issue is that they are being controlled by their label or producers so much that even the cool social media integration like their Facebook Fan Page is not being integrated properly with their Youtube presence. They took the time and energy to add special apps to FB to allow the presentation of videos from Youtube, but then set the YouTube videos to non-embeddable, thus limiting the viral distribution (and possible infringing use) but also killing the FB integration that they had so thoughtfully created.

I'm not meaning to pick on the Kings of Leon, because I'm sure they're not doing this all themselves, and have many marketing and production and artistic people helping in many stages of the development.

How can we solve this problem? It's easy enough, right? Either turn off the restriction in YouTube and keep everything else the same OR use a different player, re-encode your media, host it somewhere else, and put it in a Static FMBL Box on Facebook however you want (making sure to take design into the equation) OR just put a big link to your MySpace page where you've probably already solved these problems because this is where bands Should be.

Now that being said, I opt for selection (A) as the simplest thing to do. You want people to listen to your music, wath your videos, and ultimately to buy the songs! Make it easy for them and you may actually succeed!

The other option is to not try to do everything. YouTube is a great site. Keep your videos there, and on your Facebook page (which is great at so many other things) just put a link to YouTube. Interconnect everything in such a way as to maximize exposure of your music (in this case), and minimize the negative user experience for your listener/fan/shopper/etc

Also, since we're on the topic of music: My friends in the Midway State have been nominated for 3 MMVAs this year. Go check them out, Vote, and check out their website too: