Speaking Engagements

Lately I've been asked more and more to speak with individuals, small groups and leadership teams about social media. Many of these people understand the big picture, and know that they need to make more of an investment in their customers real lives instead of simply 'talking at them' with a billboard or radio spot. My approach is simple: I assume that you've made the decision to invest, and just need to know what things cost, where to spend the money and when.

I'm going to talk to you about authenticity, making sure that you understand that agencies and consultants are great, but your organization needs to be invested both financially and culturally.

I'm going to talk about why certain tactics are worth more or worth doing first, because I'm a nerd, and I read all the things that your agency doesn't take the time to read, let alone share with you.

I'm also going to show you examples. One of the things I get asked for the most in my role is examples: "Tell me about another retailer that's done a contest like this" or "Show me someone who did Twitter wrong, and someone who does it right" or "How much does it cost to start vs. how much to maintain vs. how much to grow and dominate?". Those are the things that leadership needs so they can approve budget for 2010, 2011, 2012...

You have to ask yourself (and your group or organization) how much do we need to be a part of this? Your customer is talking about you-- or maybe they're not and that's the problem. They're talking about your competitor and engaging them.  You can also look at is purely from a financial perspective: You just spent $500k on a TV campaign for some awareness. You could have spent $50k targeting the exact people you want with a sponsored engagement ad on Facebook, and reach not only your exact market (geographically, demographically, psychographically) but also their friends and social-graph when they engage and share the content.

If you're interested in chatting about your business (assuming I don't have any conflicts of interest) feel free to get in touch with me.  (Links at the top of the blog or email speaking [AT] andrewkinnear [D0T] com).  Want me to speak to your marketing group about some tactics?  Let's talk.