Google Voice is a funny translator

I got a transcribed voice mail from my Google Voice account.  It's a Chicago number, so rarely are the calls actually for me anyway, and not wrong numbers or telemarketers.  Here's the transcription:
Yes, my name is John here. I'm not sure if I have the correct number and I'm looking for the and national association of of 3026. I want to give the brochure for the for the school. Concerning the of listed lessons. Ohh, being of an appraiser. If you can give me a call. At (773) 675-6381 if you could put meal or dried the vytek to papa phone number. I'd appreciate it. Thank you.
 I totally could "put meal or dried the vytek to papa phone number"--- if I knew what the heck that meant?  There's obviously still a ways to go yet on this transcription services, but one thing still blows me away:  Somebody called a number and left a voice message--- and Google sent me an email.  Wicked.