A Customer Lifecycle Model: The Tornado

I've always thought of the customer experience cycle or loyalty life cycle as similar and ever-evolving constructs.  I developed a model that I've used over the past few years in various capacities and either expanded it or simplified it for the context.   Basically, it's a tornado.  Customers are sucked in at the bottom when they become aware of a product, program or brand, and from there, they can either fail to convert or get sucked in even further.

The idea is that you can't really become aware of something a second time, only be re-engaged or reacquired.  If you end up abandoning the brand or program or product, you're classified as attrition-- but you may get sucked back in with the right motivation or message.

Anyway-- take a look.  Let me know what you think...

 Here's the link to Youtube.: http://youtu.be/fNzDvYUSYiM?hd=1