Crowdfunding a Movie: Veronica Mars on Kickstarter!

So even though it's a little bit '90210' for someone in my demographic, I've been a fan of Veronica Mars since it/she appeared on the scene. It's sort of a Sherlock Holmes meets High School Drama kind of show, with episodic adventures but a season long mystery to solve. (Bus Crash anyone?).

 Anyway, years later, Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas are on board with the studio's blessing to try to fund a movie in a way that's never been done before on this scale. Basically, the more money they raise, the cooler the movie they can make. From Rob's Bio:

Rob Thomas is the creator and executive producer of VERONICA MARS. He is also one of the co-creators and executive producers of PARTY DOWN. This particular Rob Thomas never fronted Matchbox 20. He did, however, put 20 points up on Greg "Cadillac" Anderson in a high school basketball game in 1983.

 I Kickstarted this project, but beware that items won't ship to Canada... That's a feature of Kickstarter, not the project, so I opted to get a virtual reward-- though the movie will be reward enough.

What amazes me is the devotion and willingness of casual fans to spend literally more than what some DVD sets cost-- just to get a movie made. Not even to actually get the movie.  In this case though, some of the rewards are pretty awesome, including personal voicemail recordings by Kristen Bell, Red Carpet experiences, and even ROLES in the movie itself.

 NOTE: This project launched TODAY (March 13th) and at the time of this posting had raised over $1.2mil so far. They have 30 days. This is crazy.