How to avoid blogging for over a year...

Answer: Change Jobs and have two babies.

In July of 2013 I joined the Lottery Marketing team at OLG in Toronto. I took on a dept with responsibility for all the owned and earned media, digital and traditional as well as all below the line marketing at OLG's over 10,000 authorized Lottery retailers. Change is good. After developing the team over the past 12 months, aligning strategy both for digital and traditional marketing, and getting plans and budgets approved for this year, we're off on an amazing journey that keeps getting better. 

Claire and I also had two boys. Monty and Eddy joined us in November and have been winning the hearts and minds of the nation ever since. or pooping-- whichever comes first.

It's amazing how busy you can get if you don't carve out time for a blog. Maybe I just never liked my previous jobs as much, or maybe with two boys there just isn't enough time in the day. Either way, I decided today that I should get a new post on here so I don't feel like such a liar when I read a bio that says Blogger, and my last post was in 2013.

Oh, and kitchen reno--- did I mention the kitchen reno? ~A