Marketing lessons from Seinfeld

My sister Jhenn sent me an interesting eBook recently, written by Bill Gammell (in June 2008) with some great examples of marketing strategy taken from various episodes and situations from the 'show about nothing'...

If you're not a Seinfeld fan, don't worry-- there are setups to the scene, so even if you haven't seen the show, you can still play along.

A show about nothing...
All this time we thought Seinfeld was a show about “nothing.” Little did we know that peppered in its nine seasons were hidden, real-world marketing lessons taught by the masters themselves. But, unlike the Soup Nazi’s secret soup recipes, these marketing
lessons are to be shared freely with everyone. So why did I write this eBook? Anyone who knows me well knows that I watch way too much Seinfeld. So much so that many times during a conversation with someone I’ll remark, “Hey, that reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where Jerry and Kramer are…” Basically, it’s a curse. We’ll that’s all about to change with this eBook. I have decided to use my Seinfeld powers for the good of marketing-kind. Maybe this will help to quiet the voices in my head (doubtful, but one can hope). Even if you have never watched an episode of Seinfeld in your life (shame on you!), you can still participate. I’ll give you the background of each episode so that you can play along at home.
…on with the show.

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