Protect yourself in a Flu Pandemic

For those alarmists out there (like me) who daydream about the day that Zombies will take over our city, disease will render us a crippled infrastructure, or aliens attack, I present the 14 step "What to do in a Pandemic" plan, which I was able to research thoroughly (in roughly 15 seconds) but which makes a lot of sense depending on the situation.

There's also a real plan here (PDF): York Region Flu Pandemic Contingency Plan

Because we seem to be closer to Swine Flu than Zombies, we'll take that into context. Also, Zombie preparedness is much different.

1. Have a Family Call-out Plan. When the pandemic starts, activate the Call-out plan - calls out to every family member to get everyone home ASAP.

2. If still on the road and/or in public, pull out gas mask, with bio-filter, from kit in auto.

3. Keep radio tuned to local stations you trust for local updates.

4. Upon arriving home, start quarantine process by bringing everyone inside including pets.

5. Put a "Quarantine" sign on front door.

6. Start bio-in-house filter.

7. Set up decontamination station in garage with drapes, shower, gloves, masks, and gowns.

8. Set up isolation rooms for possible sick family members and guests

9. Start everyone on immune system boosters.

10. (a) Check all electrical (solar, 12 volt, and battery) systems in case of loss of power.

(b) Check water supplies, have everyone shower daily until loss of water pressure.

(c) Check on possibility of working from home.

(d) Stockpile supplies where possible.

11. Request over the phone for advanced homework assignments for school age children to be sent over the Internet

12. Check with contacts you trust for updates on problem.

13. Call your neighbors, on the phone, for distribution of information sheets to neighbors upon confirmation of problem.

14. Prepare to pull out alternative heating/cooking/lighting/sanitation measures to be used.

I will also add that things like survival books, tools, weapons, and cleaning/medical supplies are also extremely valuable in the global apocalypse. Don't underestimate the time it takes a Walmart to be emptied...