I'm taking Bing's Million dollar offer and de-listing from google

Microsoft's Search Division, Bing, has offered me $1.9 Million dollars to de-list my blog from all Google results, except the front page of course, and list exclusively with them.

The offer, tendered last week during the gold-rush of content-for-search acquisition, is part of Microsoft's "If we can't beat'em, buy'em" strategy which has begun to catch on for content publishers and news outlets around the world. 

Though I'm disappointed that I will no longer get 89% of my site visitor traffic anymore, I'm happy with the offer by Microsoft to be the exclusive provider of search for my site. And the money.  I plan on retiring, and not really creating any more content, since I'm now free to do other things, un-burdened by the need to make money. It's Win-Win.  My content won't be on Google (Good for MSFT), and I won't have to work (Good for me).

I'm jealous of Rupert Murdoch's deal, as he has a lot more content that he won't have to make, since nobody will be finding it very soon.  He can probably retire even sooner.