Bricks & Clicks: Merging Interactive and Land-Based Retail

Retail and Lottery both recognize that “Interactive” is more about creating the optimal consumer experience than it is about selling products online. How are progressive lotteries leading the charge into an “Internet of Things” future that integrates digital technologies into the fabric of all we do? How are Retailers doing the same thing, and how can we join together to forge the most productive and mutually beneficial pathways to integrate Interactive and Land-Based initiatives? 

Moderator: May Scheve Reardon, Executive Director, Missouri Lottery
Panelists: Richard Weil, Chief Executive Officer, INNOVA
Tom Shaheen, Executive Vice President Business Development, Linq3
Duncan Malyon, enior Vice president of North America, Camelot Global
David Barden, Executive Director, New Mexico Lottery
John Pittman, Vice President Marketing, INTRALOT
Andrew Kinnear, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications Ontario Lottery & Gaming
Matt Beddow, Director of New Media, Pennsylvania Lottery
Michael Lightman, Senior Vice President Lottery Interactive, Scientific Games

This video presentation is brought to you by Public Gaming Research Institute and was recorded live at LOTTERY EXPO 2015 in Miami, Florida September 2015. Copyright © 2015