How to launch an apple

Ontario's newest, most famous apple is the Red Prince.  A variety of apples brought over from Europe and now grown locally in Ontario, the Red Prince is in the midst of a very public PR campaign, beginning on Friday with the distribution of 10,000 apples to the public, in the PATH in Toronto.

What: The Red Prince Civility Event
When: Friday, February 5th from 11am until 2pm
Where: Toronto's underground PATH system at the Exchange Tower (130 King Street West, on the Concourse level in the main hallway) and First Canadian Place (100 King Street West, on the Concourse level near the waterfall)
Why: To celebrate the Red Prince apple and to reintroduce manners and etiquette to society
Who: Everyone
 I was lucky enough to get the Etiquette Pack from Faye Clack, the agency handling the account. What a delight!  I had already become a Fan of their Facebook Page, and followed the new Red Prince Twitter feed, and thought that the Etiquette Pack would be a PDF or some documentation about the history of the apple.  Nope.  I was sent 5 polished Red Prince Apples, one of which (above) you'll see came (like royalty) on a little red pillow.  Now that's classy!

Of course I did get the background, and the details of the launch, but more importantly, I got the product to taste.  Claire was reading the info pack with me, and said something like "what does it taste like?"-- so we tried them for dessert after tonight's Rigatoni and Meatballs.  They're great.  Crunchy, juicy, sweet but not too sweet, tart but not like a granny smith tart, firm but not hurt your gums firm, with a thin enough skin that you don't need to peel it.  (Side note:  I had a Granny Smith the other day and after the first piece, had to peel it, because it was like eating leather. Blechh.)

It's a great apple, but what better way to tell people about it then to give away 10,000 of them and get people talking about it themselves.  For more info about the apples, the launch, or the company, check out their website: Red Prince Apples